Lights and Endless Sky.

The picture gives sense of surrealism, the colors, the lights, the beautiful sky...


Bis kurz vor Pitch Black. Es gibt ein kosmiches Gefühl. Lichter und endloser Himmel. 


* Original and Author Photography. 

* High Quality, Sharp, Clear and Colorful Photography.

* High Resolution Photography of 300 DPI (dots per inch). 

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* 4x6 in, 8x12 in, 12x18 in, 16x24 in /inches

10x15 cm, 20x30 cm, 30x45 cm, 40x60 cm /centimetres

Size 2

* Ratio 5:7 - 4500 x 3214 pixels - 300 DPI

* 5x7 in, 10x14 in, 15x21 in /inches

12x17 cm, 25x35 cm, 38x53 cm /centimetres

Size 3:

Ratio 4:3 - 4500 x 3375 pixels - 300 DPI

6x8 in, 9x12 in, 12x16 in, 15x20 in /inches

* 15x20 cm, 22x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 38x50 cm /centimetres

Size 4:

Ratio 4:5 - 4500 x 3600 pixels - 300 DPI

4x5 in, 8x10 in, 12x15 in, 16x20 in /inches

* 10x12 cm, 20x25 cm, 30x38 cm, 40x50 cm /centimetres

* Size 5:

* Ratio 1:1 - Square format - 3000 x 3000 pixels - 300 DPI

* 5x5 in, 10x10 in, 12x12 in, 14x14 in /inches

* 12x12 cm, 25x25 cm, 35x35 cm /centimetres

* Size 6:

* 4500 x 3536 pixels - 300 DPI

* 11x14 in /inches 

* 27x35 cm /centimetres

Size 7

* 4500 x 3182 pixels - 300 DPI

* Paper print size: A6, A5, A4, A3, A2

A6 (105x148 mm), A5 (148x210 mm), A4 (210x297 mm),

   A3 (297x420 mm), A2 (420x594 mm)

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* You could use and print this Picture unlimited times.  

* This image it is not for resale, redistribute, re-edit, not for commercial purposes. 

* For personal use.

* All Rights Reserved by Angel Gruev.

* If You would like to use this Picture for commercial purposes or You have questions, do not hesitate to contact me

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Lights and Sky

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