About me

Hello to All :)

My name is Angel Gruev.

My hobbies are related mainly with Art scope, Sports (Ski,Kayaking), Camping, Traveling, Business (news,reviews,books etc..)

I am very happy I can expose my Art Photography works.

Photography has started to turn in passion, day after day, the motivation and desiring of creating and to photography get deeper and deeper. 

My Philosophy has changed. I've been starting to develop my own art movement in Photography scope. 

My inspirations come from everything and everywhere that do not allow my mind to be in standby. The final result is based upon on it in consciously and sometimes in unconsciously way. 

One of my favourite genres of Photography is Abstractionism, Minimalism, Nature, Landscape, Black and White photography, Geometry.

I am a fan of Art, Museums, Music, Design, Painting, Architecture. I like to travel and to explore the world around me.

More of my works at:



Here are some of my Photography Art works.

 Angel Gruev - Brush

Angel Gruev - Cosmos doors

Angel Gruev - Walking at the sea sunrising

Angel Gruev - Runing noises

Angel Gruev - Sunflowers

Angel Gruev - Creator

Angel Gruev - Exalism

Angel Gruev - Portrait Number 5

Angel Gruev - Moment of act

The main concept of package was inspired by the Bulgarian artist - Christo.

Angel Gruev - Romance

Angel Gruev - Person in Parallel world, Exalism.

Angel Gruev - Face

Angel Gruev - Flying UFOs

Angel Gruev - Captured moment, Mozart.

Angel Gruev - Faces in the water

Angel Gruev - Portrait

I graduated:

- Bachelor degree - Business Management

- Master degree - Management and Leadership

- Master degree - Financial Management


- Bulgarian (native)

- English

- German

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