Besides Arts, I have interests in:

* Marketing

* Advertising

* Branding

* Sales

* Business Management

* Business Organisation

* Corporate Strategies

* Finance

* Financial Management

* Projects Managements

* Analysis

* Business Psychology

* Negotiations


  Development of Marketing Strategy needs wide range of data knowledge, imagination and very good analytical skills.

  The wide range of data helps to take decision in most efficiency way (talking about time, money and risk). 

- Marketing Strategy

- Marketing Plan

- Marketing Mix

- Marketing Research

- Marketing Analysis

- Digital Marketing

- Marketing Insight

- Social Medias

- Communication Channels

- Advertising

- Advertising Strategy

- Copyrwite

- Sales

- Sales strategy

- Price strategy

- Price formation

- Discount strategy

- Merchandising

  Research and Analysis

- Business Analysis and not only

- Market Research and Analysis

- Market Opportunity - Research and Analysis

- Information gathering

- SWOT Analysis

- PEST Analysis

- PESTEL Analysis

   Project Development and Management

- Defining of Company needs

- Defining of Objectives, Goals

- Defining of Costs, Labour, Time

- Projection of a Financial plan

- Financial Projection

- Cash Flows Plan

- Defining of the Project range

- Creating and Preparing of detail Plan

- Action Plan

- Tasks Defining

- Tasks Management

- Gantt chart (gives more accurate visual representation of the ongoing project tasks).

- Microsoft Project

- Monitoring of Project Efficiency and Effectiveness

- Monitoring and Evaluation Analysis 

  Office Administration

- Daily Office Tasks and All operative and non-operative tasks related to the Company stuff.

Creating and Preparing, Formatting of Documents, Data, Texts, Tables, Papers, Professional Presentations

Data Entry

   Business - Company and Management cases

- From Production through Management to Sales.

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